We are keen to link up with other local groups

Our Dont Burn the Meadows Fest is back in 2019 - with a sheep making workshop, a notice painting session and a Better BBQ party.

Friends of the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links  We intend to join Yusef's team of volunteer gardeners on Saturday mornings!

Sacred Heart Green Group  This group is based in Lauriston Street and our partner in making the street greener.

Lauriston Discussion Group - a blog for talking about green issues in the light of the Pope's encyclical on the environment
People Against Litter  

Secret Herb Garden An exciting new herb nursery, just outside Edinburgh

Grow Wild flowers to the people Many thanks for sending us two packets of wild seeds! 

National interest

The Big Garden Bird Watch  We plan to hold our own Big Bird Watch !

The Botanical Society of Scotland

It's Your Neighbourhood 

Plantlife Scotland

Save the bees !

Sum of Us campaign to save the ban on bee-killing pesticides

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